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5 Reasons You Should Enter The ASO Road Trip Contest

Hi! Listen, we know we’ve been blabbing at you about this Road Trip contest for a bit now, but hey, we’re feeling quite wanderlusty. Maybe you’re not as excited. That’s fine. You’re busy, we understand. However, here’s a few reasons that may get you excited about us visiting your town and having a meetup:

1.  Sweet Prizes
If we pick your town, you’ll receive up to a $100 credit (per month) towards hosting for 6 months, as well as a super-sturdy Yeti Roadie Cooler stocked with all sorts of goodies for your next road trip.  (NOTE: Hosting credit is only good for up to $100 per month)

2. Free Food
This may not be a big deal to some, but for those of you who are all thumbs in the kitchen (hands up if you always burn the cereal!), this could end up being a source of nutrition, warmth, and happiness.

3. Swag Aplenty
“Swag” in the “free branded goodies” sense (as opposed to the “overused teen slang” sense). We have no shortage of cool (and free) custom Moleskines, T-shirts, stickers- if you like the ASO logo, you’ll be quite happy with what we’ve got to offer.

4. Meet Interesting People, Talk About Interesting Stuff
You love your town, but maybe you don’t get out enough, or maybe you want an excuse to show off that app or small business idea you’ve been working on. Heck, maybe you’re a developer or designer looking to connect with like-minded folk, because you feel like an oasis of brilliance in a sea of mediocrity and you need more stimulation. This is the place to do it!

5. Learn More About A Small Orange
While this is hardly a job fair, ASO is hiring (and happens to be an awesome company to work for). So if you’re interested in working for us, we’ll be happy to give you an idea of what it’s like!

Enter the ASO Road Trip Contest here!
(and read the rules in the slideshow below)

Remember, this contest is open to folks in the Continental US- we’ll see how this goes, and maybe we’ll open things up to more distant lands in the near future!

ASO Road Trip Contest Rules 8/2012

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