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ASO Road Trip Contest Q&A

Photo via breahn

Last week, we announced the first ever ASO Road Trip Contest. What does that mean? This fall, (we’re thinking November) we want to pick a place to visit in the continental US where we can hunker down for a night, throw an awesome meetup, and get to know some of our customers- with the assistance of some delicious food, beverage, and plenty of swag for all in attendance.

If you’re excited about this and can’t wait to enter, click here to read the official rules and enter now!

However, we’ve noticed that some of you have questions that have kept you from taking the plunge. Let’s answer those right now, shall we?

Q: What do I have to do to enter again? “Content” that nominates my city? What’s that? I don’t have time to build a webpage or video for your contest. – Busy Bee, Boston MA

A: Relax! It’s a contest, not a business plan. Here’s the rules for reference. You can do something as simple as a blog post that extols the virtues of your stomping grounds, snap a couple photos with captions that shows us what your town is like, anything!

We’re open minded people. Don’t over think it. Do you have a good voice? Record yourself talking about your town for 2 minutes. Like to write? Write a poem about how cool your town is. All that’s required is an interest in hanging with us and some like-minded folk- no 6-figure budget necessary!

However, if you’re ambitious and have some time to spare, feel free to blow us away.

Q: Dude, my town is really small and boring. I hate it here, and so will you. Why should I enter? – Sad & Lonely, Middle Of Nowhere, ND

A: Because you probably need to hang out with us (or someone). You sound very lonely. Plus, we’re not big city slickers over here. We love an open field as much as a bustling metropolis. Enter the contest, please- and drop me a line anytime- I know a good counselor that can help you through this difficult period.

 Q: I’m very competitive and want to win. How do I spread the word about this so I can crush my rivals? – I’m The Best, Utica, NY

A: Tell your friends! Retweet your nomination! Tell the like-minded folks and fellow ASOers in your neck of the woods to spread the word as well! The more the merrier. Have we mentioned the rules? Here they are again. Also, if you enter, you automatically win an ASO T-shirt, so there’s that.

Q:  Are you guys hiring? Is this a recruiting event? 

A: No. But we are looking for people if you’re interested. And while we’re not giving out jobs, this meetup is as good a place as any to get acquainted with other local designers and developers. Heck, anyone who’s interested in websites, hosting, or the internet in general will feel right at home.

Bring your business cards, appetite, and interesting life stories.  Networking is always encouraged- but this isn’t a job fair!

Does that clear things up? Have any more questions? We’re happy to answer them. Feel free to ask in the comments, or email jim [at] asmallorange [dot][com]

The deadline to enter is 11:59pm, Friday, September 21, 2012!
Don’t miss out!