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Hackers Are Real. Stay Vigilant About Security!

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Earlier this week, Wired’s Mat Honan wrote a lengthy, highly informative piece in Wired about how he lost his entire digital life at the hands of hackers. However, he doesn’t direct much blame towards his perpetrators- he puts it on himself:

The weird thing is, I’m not even especially angry at Phobia [one of Honan’s hackers], or his partner in the attack. I’m mostly mad at myself. I’m mad as hell for not backing up my data. I’m sad, and shocked, and feel that I am ultimately to blame for that loss.

We at ASO are extremely serious about online security, and if you’re someone who’s never put too much thought into just how important web security procedures are, you should read this article right now. 

Wired also published a handy follow-up post that details some important points to follow so you don’t meet the same fate as Mr. Honan. Check that out here. Some of their suggestions include utilizing two-factor authentication, SSLs or VPNs, and performing frequent backups of your data.

We’ll be publishing a blog post of security resources that we recommend early next week, but check out these videos from Google that take you through the simple, short, and important process of setting up two-factor authentication and choosing the right passwords. We’ve added step-by-step instructions (via Google) at the bottom of each video as well.

Know any effective security resources you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments.

2 Factor Authentication: 
(Step by step instructions, via Google)

Choosing A Smart Password: 
(Step by step instructions, via Google)

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