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Mobile Design Round-Up

Photo via Jamais Cascio

Here’s some unsurprising news: mobile device usage continues to skyrocket, with no signs of slowing down. Look at this.

It’s clear that web designers and developers need to expand their existing skill sets to cater to the needs of those in the mobile space (if they haven’t already). If you’re a designer or developer feeling like you need to grow your repertoire of skills, check out the links below from .Net Magazine.

Know of any other good mobile tutorials? Tell us in the comments!

Create A Mobile Website With jQuery Mobile

Build A Mobile Template With Handlebars

Getting Started With PhoneGap

Going Mobile With Expression Engine

User Interface Design For Android Apps

If your business or client is serious about delving into the mobile space, here’s an in-depth video from Mobile Tuts that explores all the possibilities mobile solutions can offer (you may want to grab a snack, as it’s over 20 minutes).

Also, here’s the full article with the slide deck included if you’re curious. Dave Olsen – Developing a Progressive Mobile Strategy – BD Conf, Sept 2011 from Breaking Development on Vimeo.