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ASO Customer Spotlight: Paleo Treats

To kick off the first of the ASO Customer Spotlight features for the Orange Jubilee, we decided to showcase the folks from Paleo Treats– makers of high-quality cookies, desserts, and delectables. Interested in us featuring your site in the Customer Spotlight?

There’s one spot left this month! Fill out the application here if you’re interested.

Oh, and if you’re interested in showing off your hometown while winning some free hosting and some other awesome prizes, enter the ASO Road Trip Contest!

And now, the folks from Paleo Treats…

Who Are You?

“Lovers of the good life, we’re always ready to enjoy a simple meal, clean hard work, and a hell of a cookie.  We garden, we gather, we occasionally hunt, and we make what we can for ourselves.  We follow the Paleo diet at about a 90% success rate, and we’d rather take an enthusiastic leap than a fall off the wagon.

More independent than not, we still value the awesomeness created when minds meld, and we’re usually up for dinner if you come through San Diego.  With backgrounds in deserts, mountains, oceans, and plains, in war, and in peace, we’ll probably be able to find *something* to talk about. “

What is Your Website?

Why Do People Care About Your Website?

People like our website because it’s one of the very few places in the world where you can buy delicious (and I’m not talking “health-food delicious”, these actually taste like the 3 S’s of a good dessert: sweet, satisfying, and a little sinful) Paleo-friendly cookies.

What is the Paleo diet?  In a sentence, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.  It’s the way humans evolved to eat for millions of years.  

We are fanatics about quality and we think that shows up in everything from our Brownie Bomb to the Mustang Bar, from the words we write to the pictures we post.  

We’ve made our website as clean and as easy to navigate as possible, and we’ve placed enough interesting information about us on there so that people who don’t know us can get a feel for the Paleo Treats “ethos” without having it waved in their face.

What Does Your Website Look Like?

Read this short blog post from the Paleo Treats folks on their obsession with quality.

Thanks for your time, Paleo Treats- and thanks for hosting with us!

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