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Customer Spotlight:

Welcome back to our third Orange Jubilee Customer Spotlight of the month! This week, we’ll look at Brandr, a great looking portfolio site that promotes the freelance branding/design services of a Toronto-based graphic designer.

Who are you?

Hi, my name is Matthew. I’m a handsome Toronto-based, 26 year old graphic designer from Toronto, Ontario. I like Scifi movies, technology, bicycling, new things, video games, books, persian food, every other food, the colour orange, and graphic design. Not in that order.

My hobbies include bicycling – I have a Fuji Feather single speed. Graphic Design and Video games – I’m quite good at single player campaigns (not so much at multiplayer).

I have over 5 years of experience in the design industry, with multiple clients, brands and companies – my services can help you move forward and succeed with a brand you love. A fresh, attractive identity is the most affordable way to attract eyes. I can assure those eyes don’t wander away.

What is your website?

Why do people care about your website?

My site promotes my own freelance design services, and shows off some of my work. I think it does that in a simple and effective way.

I built this site with the visitor in mind. This is a business as much as it’s a portfolio – and if that’s going to work, it needs to be accessible. Many designers build their website for themselves to show off what they can do. I chose to build it for the user, to help find out what you can do.

Before a design is successful, it needs to accomplish what it sets out to do, if you lose sight of that, your design is going to fail. So I’ve made this site an exercise in simplicity. Where you need to go and what you want to see is clear and focused. The colours are bright and clear. Nothing should get lost.

There are two ways to navigate design. You can emulate that which a user is used to – creating comparisons to analogs like materials and buttons. A digital bookshelf that looks like wood, a shadow on an icon, a button that looks glossy. Or you can create a digital experience that is clear and clean. I chose the latter since it gives me the freedom to create, instead of borrow. My site doesn’t abuse real world textures or illustrations, but it doesn’t make you learn how to navigate, either. It uses clear and readable text, and simple, explanatory icons.

My freelancing offers endless services, but the most common are these:

Logo Design: The logo is the basis behind any brand. Get off to a good start. I provide a discussion session in person (local only) or by skype or facetime. 3 rounds of revisions are included after selecting a concept.

Branding: Expand beyond a logo. Includes a logo as well as typefaces, colour management and extras based on the industry of your brand.

Identity: Your brand doesn’t end at type and colours. An identity expands what you already have, giving you rigid guidelines that anyone can follow that will protect your brand – where to use your colours and logos, how your logo should be used, and more importantly, how it shouldn’t.

Basic Website: Using your brand, colours and logo, we can create an effective and easy to update website customized to your liking.

I’ll help anyone, anywhere who needs something done.

Thanks for sharing, Matthew! 

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