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The Launch of the i2Coalition

Last year, the Internet as a whole was alarmed at the “Stop Online Piracy Act”. Information was shared, discussions were had, and the concern culminated in an incredible Internet-wide blackout of content that included participants such as Google and Wikipedia. It was an unprecedented concerted action widely believed to have galvanized people enough that they called their representatives and stopped the progress of the legislation in its tracks.

While many employees at A Small Orange watched the legislation with concern, we as a company felt the need to go on the record in December of 2011 as people began demanding answers from the companies they supported. We were asked directly what our stance was, and we answered:

“Against it. Unequivocally, and without ambiguity.”

Our industry was, in many cases, simply doing what every other citizen who felt strongly about this legislation was doing – calling Representatives individually and saying “Hey, wait a minute here – you can’t vote for this! This is horrible legislation! Do you know what this is so bad? Let me explain to you.” 

We didn’t really organize until fairly late in the game when things were looking pretty dire. Many of us wondered if we had been involved earlier on whether it would have ever gotten that far – I personally believe that it would not have.

A Permanent Response – The i2Coalition

The idea for the i2Coalition came about in 2011, when many of the founding members joined together during those winning campaigns to educate the public and elective officials about the intrusive Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA). It became clear during that time that this banding together on behalf of what we do and the integral role we play to drive the “nuts and bolts” of the Internet was important, and probably long overdue.

The i2Coaltion will continue the mission to advocate for public policy goals essential for Internet infrastructure growth, and A Small Orange is proud to announce that we are one of its founding members along with more than 40 other industry leaders.

Along with our fellow i2Coalition members, we support the needs of the Internet infrastructure industry to develop market-based standards to drive innovation, which is crucial for continued growth. We intend to be a unified voice for public policy advocacy and education for the industry, and feel its imperative that we take a seat at the table.

Why A Small Orange Became A Founding Member

We are privileged to serve you every day – we hear about the hopes and dreams of a small cookie company as they build their first site, or the goals of a grassroots protest group, or the animals saved by an animal rescue group. We get to hear about the challenges that you have with your sites and your projects, and in doing so we develop a deep understanding of what you need. We do our very best, every day, to serve you so that our effort ensures that your sites and infrastructure is as effortless as we can make it for you.

We see our membership and actions with the i2Coalition as a furtherance of our responsibility to you, our customers, to ensure that legislation that affects our ability to serve you makes sense, is logical, and doesn’t unduly burden any of us as we do what we do.

We are proud to join with our industry and extremely proud to be one of the founding members of the i2Coalition . We believe the i2Coalition is necessary for the continued growth of the Internet, and vital for growing an environment of innovation in the United States.

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