ASO Stickers, T-Shirts, & Moleskines: Still Available!

It’s October, and although our Orange Jubilee celebration has come to a close, we’re still going to keep the doors to the ASO swag coffers open if you’ve got a hankering for an ASO sticker, t-shirt, or Moleskine!

Here’s how to get your hands on it all:

  • Mention us on Twitter/Facebook/G+. Let us know at jim [at] asmallorange[dot][com] and we’ll send you an ASO bumper sticker!*
  • Take a picture of that bumper sticker. Let us know (@ the same address), and we’ll send you an ASO t-shirt!*
  • Take a picture of yourself in the ASO t-shirt. Let us know (@ yes, the same address), and we’ll send you an ASO Moleskine!*

IMPORTANT: As soon as you post something, post your address here.

We will check this regularly, and ship out stickers and such as requests roll in. We will only ship to those who have put their address here.

Are you really, really far from Durham, NC? Guam? New Zealand? No problem- but please, be patient. Snail mail takes time!

Any questions? Ask us in the comments, or at jim [at] asmallorange [dot] [com].
Oh, and thanks for hosting with us!

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*While supplies last, limit of one sticker, one T-shirt, and one Moleskine per household.

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