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Helpful Resources For Freelancers

If you’re a developer or designer looking to dip your toe (or entire torso) into the world of working for yourself, check out this collection of links. You’ll find podcasts and articles dedicated to all things freelance. Topics covered include: best practices, tools, ways to get started, and more. If you have any freelance-related links or advice of your own, tell us about them in the comments.

Getting Clients To Pay: Ten Tips For Freelancers – Creative Bloq

How To Cope When Your Freelance Work Dries Up – Creative Bloq

10 Winning Ways To Improve Your Portfolio – Creative Bloq

Passive Income Strategies For Web Designers – Smashing Magazine

The Ultimate Freelance Web Design Tools – Net Magazine

Freelancing: The Basics Of Survival
and A Teenager’s Guide To Effective Freelancing – Boagworld
Although these pieces aren’t spanking new, they’re still filled with relevant tips for those starting out in the freelance game… 

Podcast #125: Copy [AUDIO]  – Boagworld
A fantastic Boagworld podcast that focuses on essential information for designers, developers, and website owners alike. This particular installment discusses the importance of effective copywriting in selling your services as a freelancer (among other things). If you like this, there’s a gazillion Boagworld podcast episodes to peruse here.

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