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The ASO Forums: An Essential Resource

ASO Customers:

We’ve been doing server migrations recently, and wanted to get everyone up to speed on where to access information regarding changes to servers as well as outages, and other network issues.

If you’re a new (or seasoned) ASO customer, we strongly encourage you to start an account on the ASO Community Forums.  All information related to hosting status can be found on our Hosting Status Forum right here.

We’ve also created an RSS feed for that forum as well, so that people can get those messages in their RSS Reader, sent via email through an RSS to email service, or by SMS through an RSS to SMS. The syndication allows people to get the information in a multitude of ways, and through RSS configuration, it can be set up so they only see information about servers that directly affect them.

“Ok, ASO- but why not just email us that information so we all know what’s up?”

Unfortunately, when we used email for this in the past, an extremely large portion of the emails were no longer valid.  People change emails, forget to update and so on, so we could not guarantee the people that needed the information saw what they needed to see. This concerned us.

In a lot of cases, people don’t need to know this information since the change is seamless, and we handle the gruntwork for them.  Emailing everyone (including those not affected by the change) would give the helpdesk a considerable amount of work, as many folks respond back to have the issue explained to them individually, which takes away from us being able to assist those that are having issues with a migration (or other pressing concerns).

What’s more, a good amount of people don’t want to see yet another email in their inbox, which leads to complaints about us emailing them in the first place.

So with customer happiness always being priority one,  it made the most sense to publicly post the information so that anyone can see it, and to create an RSS feed so that people can have it delivered to them in the format that they prefer.

If you like getting notifications from us by email, we suggest Feed My Inbox, a tool which will enable you to get the RSS feed through email. You can subscribe to up to 5 feeds for free.

Want to customize your notifications? No problem.

1. Go to

2. Create a free account (if you haven’t already) or sign in.

3. After signing in, click the “Notifications” button to the left of your login name (located on the top right-hand side of the page).

4. A smaller window will appear. Click the “Options” button, and you’ll be taken to the Notification Options page, where you’ll find many customization options to choose from.

As always, thanks for choosing ASO, and feel free to contact us via Live Chat or at help [at] asmallorange [dot][com] if you’re having issues of any kind!

The ASO Team

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