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ASO Sticker/T-Shirt Parade, Round 2

Back in September, (during our Orange Jubilee) we started offering ASO stickers, t-shirts, and Moleskines to our customers. We kept the promotion running through the last two months, and we're proud to say we got a a slew of requests from all around the world (What's up, Lithuania? Russia? Pakistan?) and amassed a still-growing collection of customer pictures! Thanks for participating everyone, and keep the snapshots coming! Want in on the ASO swag train? Click here to learn how to get your hands on a sticker, t-shirt, and Moleskine! Let's start with some off-the-charts cuteness. If we ever need a spokes-baby, I think we know who to call! By the way, the stickers are delicious. These stickers also have a variety of different uses. For example, this Legoland brewer now has himself a dandy carpet. We sent this sticker to Russia. See, the background is red and everything. This dashing gent represents the fine city of Belgrade. So what if it's backwards? It's the thought that counts! The standard "bumpersticker" usage of the ASO sticker. If the 2 armloads of t-shirts I just sent out is any indication, we'll be seeing a lot more of these in the next installment... Many thanks for your participation, folks- and thanks for hosting with us. Click here to learn how to get your ASO swag. Need hosting? Click here to find your perfect hosting plan.


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