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Drupal Camp Atlanta 2012 Wrap-Up: Part 1

On October 27th, I headed to the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta for a day of CMS-related good times at Drupal Camp Atlanta. ASO was sponsoring the event, and although I had minimal experience with the open source CMS, I was eager to learn about everything it had to offer.

I found a seat in front of the massive inflatable Drupal dude (He doesn’t seem to have an official name).

The day consisted of sessions aimed at Drupal users of all kinds- from curious noobs (like me) to ninja-level developers with the Drupal dude tattooed on their back.

Designer/developer/mobile maven Josh Clark kicked off the day with a compelling, inspiring keynote entitled “Where No Geek Has Gone Before” about the future of the mobile industry and the kinds of interfaces we’ll be using when we evolve past the touch screen.

He provided a slew of interesting prototypes and products, such as:

Grab Magic, a design experiment using a Kinect and Processing that enables you to transfer content from your television to your mobile device through a gesture.

The Nest thermostat, which learns your schedule, programs itself, and can be controlled through your phone.

Asthmopolis, an inhaler device equipped with a GPS that helps to track asthma in real time.

When the talk comes available online, I’ll be sure to share it.

I was raring to go after Josh’s keynote, and dove into learning the basics of Drupal and the terminology that goes along with it. It was led by Annika Garbers, a teen Drupal enthusiast who manages a sizable team of writers for heyhomeschoolers.com, a website that features a wealth of content created and curated by for homeschooling kids who want their voices heard.

After dipping my noggin in the river of Drupal slang, I got a crash course in Views, the flexible module that enables Drupal devs to do a variety of things with lists and tables of content. I sat in the back.

After that, I got a taste of what it’s like to run a large content operation from Duane Cross, the Managing Editor at NCAA.com for Turner Sports. His presentation “Drupal Wish List From A Newsroom” discussed some different ways that Drupal can evolve to bridge the gap between developers, designers, and content creators.

After a savory veggie wrap and far too many cookies and cups of coffee, I headed to the mellow after party, where people talked Drupal (and trivia) and got involved with a variety of delicious appetizers. It should be noted that “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred was playing in the background as I snapped this picture (I don’t believe anyone captured me dancing on video. If you did, please, have mercy and erase the horrific evidence).

When the music ended and the appetizers were cleared from the buffet table, I headed back to my room for a nightcap as I lovingly admired my new Drupal Camp Atlanta t-shirt. That’s a good looking logo, folks. Thanks to everyone who made this great event possible, and for turning me on to the world of Drupal! I had a blast.

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