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Internet Summit 2012 Wrap-Up

Last week, some of the ASO team headed to downtown Raleigh, NC for the Internet Summit 12, a conference dedicated to thought leadership and forward thinking within the realm of digital technologies. In plain English, it was a showcase of best practices and new ideas from developers, designers, strategists, executives, and many others. We saw people from A-list companies such as Twitter, Adobe, and Coca-Cola (among others) who presented on a wide variety of topics- from social media strategies and e-commerce to virtualization and mobile development. Needless to say, it was a fantastic opportunity for learning and networking. We really enjoyed the engaging 5-hour pre-conference seminars on UX, analytics, SEO, and social media. Sure, we had to wake up a bit earlier than most of the attendees, but we were rewarded with insights aplenty (also, bagels and coffee) . There was a lounge area where folks could relax and chat as a DJ mixed together a concoction of non-intrusive but pleasant hits. Unfortunately, requests for "Free Bird" were soundly ignored. Capstrat, a premier Raleigh-based marketing communications firm, had a special "VIP" room where they gave away fezzes. This was a dream come true for Jim, the ASO Community Ambassador, who had gone his whole life without having the opportunity to wear one. Here he is, enjoying his new headgear with the Android robot. Well, well- looks like somebody doesn't like to smile! We also appreciated the different styles of presentations shown throughout the day, because let's face it- you can only handle so much PowerPoint before you break into hives. Each afternoon, we enjoyed keynote panel discussions that featured a moderator and plenty of interesting insights (and an argument or two). It all took place on that cozy orange (or is it burnt sienna?) couch, which brought a pleasant talk-show vibe to the proceedings. When the sessions were over and usage of the words "content" and "mobile" reached the 7-figure range, the auditorium doors flung open, and thirsty conference-goers swarmed the bar to chat about all they had absorbed over the last few days. Here's a few slide decks from the conference that we thought we'd share. "Run Your Biz From A Mobile Device- 25 Killer Apps & Services That Improve Collaboration & Productivity" "Responsive Design For Enterprise Websites" "Crafting Brand Experiences That People Take To Heart"  "Search Engine Optimization In A Post-SEO World" We're definitely looking forward to next year! Need hosting with great support? Check out A Small Orange’s SharedResellerBusiness, or Dedicated hosting plans! 


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