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WordPress Plugin Development Resources

Are you a WordPress user looking to improve your skills? Feeling restless? Interested in development? You should make your own plugin.

Come on, you can do it- all it takes is a little chutzpah (and a knowledge of WordPress, along with some HTML/CSS/PHP familiarity). Believe me, there are far worse things you can do with your time- and it’s easy to get started. There’s tons of resources out there to pick from, and we’ve gathered a few here for you to peruse.

I know, we’re headed into a busy time of year. People will be breaking out the eggnog and scotch before you know it. Let everyone else panic about the end date of the Mayan calendar.  Finish out 2012 with an interesting project!

The Basics

Plugins: The WordPress Codex
If you don’t know what a plugin is, here’s where you start.

Writing A Plugin: The WordPress Codex
The logical next step, where you learn how to write a plugin.

Building Your First WordPress Plugin: Part 1
Building Your First WordPress Plugin: Part 2
Building Your First WordPress Plugin: Part 3
A 3-part tutorial on making a plugin from Web Designer Depot.

WordPress Essentials: How To Create A WordPress Plugin– Smashing Magazine

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Plugin Security

Are Your Plugins Secure?- WP Realm

Are Your Plugins Secure? Part 2: Permissions And Nonces– WP Realm
Keep your plugins safe!


Make WordPress Plugins– A WordPress.org-created blog for plugin developers

10 Must Know Skills For A WordPress Plugin DeveloperSitepoint

10 Useful WordPress Coding Techniques– Smashing Magazine

2 Ways To Develop WordPress Plugins: Object Oriented Programming– WPTuts

A Process For Professional WordPress Development-Smashing Magazine

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