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A Small Orange Ninja Profile: Aimee B.

4684047177_f4227a6bbc_z.jpgWelcome to the fourth installment of A Small Orange’s Ninja Profiles.  So far, we’ve talked to MattBrent, and Gordan. This week, we'll peer into the busy mind of Aimee, one of our billing ninjas:

Aimée B.

Billing Ninja

Aimjoe B., Cinder

Where do you live?
Los Angeles, CA (but my heart is in south Florida!)

What are the most common issues you find customers have in your day to day?
The most common issues seem to be domain transfer problems, password resets, and upgrade/downgrade questions. There are also loads of questions regarding invoices - when they're due, how they can be paid, etc. It's actually a variety of topics and really keeps us on our toes!

What blogs/sites do you follow to keep your skills sharp?
I love to read WIRED and The Economist for a broader scope, and online I follow Lifehacker, WebHostingTalk, and industry-relevant sub-Reddits for news, tips, and tricks. As far as billing-specific skills, those are mostly genetic (grade-school mathlete and accounting college major here) and stay honed through regular use with assisting customers. Being a numbers girl moreso than tech, Codeacademy is also a great place to fiddle around with coding and get feedback!

Any quick tips or advice for our customers that you feel can enhance their experience with ASO?
Do not hesitate to contact us, by any means - forums, chats, tickets, phones! I was a customer before I worked with ASO, and I found I'd waste too much time trying to troubleshoot something on my own when technical support or billing could've assisted me much more quickly and saved time. There is no problem too small, and we are here to help you!

What's your favorite online waste of time?
Video games! I was a Blizzard junkie for years. I've been working my way through Super Meatboy and Torchlight II lately. I also just bought the most recent Humble Bundle and can't wait to wreak havoc in Saint's Row.

What inspires you?
Travel! I have a lot of side projects, most of which are inspired by my travels across the country and the world. Some of the most inspirational places I've been are Edinburgh, Scotland (which sparked my passion for tea and tea culture) and Los Angeles, California (which helped me realize that the west coast may indeed be the best coast).

Favorite customer experience thus far?
A Small Orange LogoI love stumbling upon customers with awesome projects or domains relevant to my interests, like a weight loss or travel blog, or even coming into contact with folks who live in places that I've visited and loved, and striking up a little conversation on that topic. We really do look at your account! Every site is different and unique with particular needs, and we do everything in our power to cater to that. I absolutely love when I can make that unique and personal connection with a customer.

Thanks, Aimee!

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