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Fax Spam Strikes Back in 2012

I feel like I've recently gotten a chance to know a fellow by the name of Robert Roscoe. Robert is the founder of a company called That's Great News, which as far as I can tell, makes plaques and similar paraphernalia that people can put up all over their office to brag about themselves and their companies. Clearly, Robert knows me. He noticed I was mentioned in a local newspaper (web accessible version available here) back in August of this year and has been in touch since then. He must think that that a lot of web hosting/computer geeks weren't especially popular in high school or college and we now have a secret desire to purchase big plaques with our photo on them. He also knows how busy we are, which is why he sent me advertisements nine different times. Via fax. Because this is almost 2013 and I'm neither over 70 or a lawyer, I don't get many faxes, so you can see a complete history of all the faxes he's sent me below: Screen-Shot-2012-12-12-at-3.28.04-PM-300x193.png Someone on Robert's team was creative and sent each fax from a different number. Most of the faxes were the same. You can see a sample below:

That particular fax didn't have any instructions on how to unsubscribe. It looks like some did and others didn't. I clearly missed that as I hastily deleted each one. (It sounds like others might have had issues with the advertisements, too.) However, I did follow the unsubscribe instructions and just sent this fax below to the folks at That's Great News:

Hopefully the faxes will stop now. Luckily, we are almost entirely a paperless company at A Small Orange, so no actual paper was wasted when I received each of the faxes digitally. Fax spam, unlike email spam, usually involves the killing of trees and wasting of ink, toner, and valuable goodwill from delicate multi-function printer devices. However, I have a feeling Robert and the folks at That's Great News didn't know that in advance of sending me these great offers, so I wanted to take it a step further and try to counteract any paper they could have wasted. To do that, I went ahead and donated what it'd cost to get the plaque ($159 was Robert's "lost his marbles" price) to the Amazon Conservation Association, which seems to be a highly rated and well respected environmental charity that is doing good work to help conserve the Amazon. I donated this money personally, but since A Small Orange matches charitable donations dollar for dollar for employees, the company matched my donation as well. In total, we gave $318, or just about $29 per page of fax spam, to the ACA. And thankfully, I don't have a plaque hanging in my office to remind me about it. Just these two donation receipts that were quickly emailed to me:


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