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Quick Tips: Copying Email Between Accounts

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Here’s a quick guide to transfer email from your old host over to us using an email client. (or anywhere else, really.) This is especially useful if your old host doesn’t have cPanel, so we aren’t able to migrate everything for you. Special thanks to Jaron (one of our multi-talented ASO Ninjas) for writing this up.

You can use any email client you like, including Mac Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or anything else.  It’s best to do this before you change your nameservers over to avoid any DNS confusion.

To do this, you’ll need access to your email account on the old server, as well as having your account set up with us.

First, Ensure that both email accounts are set up in your email client as IMAP.  Make sure you use IMAP and not POP for this task – you can reconfigure as POP if you prefer afterwards.

– For the “old” account, you’ll want to use whatever credentials and configuration information were provided to you by the old host.

– For the “new” account, you can find the settings inside cPanel, under Email Accounts -> configure email client.  Make sure that you use our server name rather than your domain – for example <server>.asmallorange.com rather than mail.yourdomain.com – this is important because mail.yourdomain.com is not “pointing” to our servers just yet.

Once you have them both configured properly, make sure that you have all folders visible for both accounts.

– The rest is easy.  Just copy the contents of your Inbox.  You can do this by selecting the emails, then right clicking and selecting “copy”, or pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard – they both do the same thing.  Note: you can select everything in a folder at once by pressing Ctrl+A on your keyboard.

– Once you have copied something to your clipboard, move down to the new account and selected the “inbox” or other location that you want to paste the new folder, and either right click and select “paste” or press Ctrl+V on your keyboard.

– You can repeat this process with folders, as well as your “Sent Items”, “Drafts”, and so on.

After everything is copied over to the new account, you can proceed with changing over your nameservers and utilizing your new account with A Small Orange!

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