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A Few Web Design Resources For Developers

Why don't I believe the "advanced" part?

Web Developers: Are you great at what you do, but feel clueless in regards to anything design-related? 

Do you break out in a rash when someone says "typography"? 

Are you finding you and the web project team you're working with aren't seeing things the same way? 

Just plain curious about the principles of design? We've gathered a few resources from Creative Bloq so you can (at the very least) begin to tell the difference between the good and bad in design-related matters. If you have any additional resource suggestions, let us know in the comments! (Also, keep in mind that this list is great for anyone curious about web design!)  Web Design Training: The Top 20 Online Resources

Here's a great place to start- a variety of different places where you can get moving on your quest to web design excellence (although we'd suggest avoiding W3C Schools, we've heard it's not as up to date as some of the other sites listed.

What Is Typography? Get your font knowledge on with this introduction to the basic fundamental concepts and terminology behind the magical process of arranging type.

The Golden Ratio: A Designer's Guide Learn about the mathematical ratio that has informed design choices throughout history.

The Designer's Guide To Image Compression Know the best uses for PNGs, JPEGs, GIF's, etc- and get a grasp of the essential points and terminology associated with image compression for designers.

1000 Free Resources For Designers Need to peruse more design-related stuff? Here's a few more things you can check out. 1000 more, to be exact.

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