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ASO Ninja Profile: Kevin A.

4684047177_f4227a6bbc_z Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and welcome to the eighth installment of  A Small Orange’s Ninja Profiles. So far, we’ve talked with MattBrentGordanAimeeCherylJess, and Ron. Now, let's cruise to Houston (land of humidity, oil, and the soon-to-be reunited Destiny's Child) for a quick chat with Kevin, one of our Ninja Trainers.

Kevin Asklund

ASO Ninja Trainer (Official title: Technical Trainer)


Where do you live?
I live in the Texas Jungle called "Houston".

What are the most common issues you find customers have in your day to day?  
While I don't always work with customers directly, when I do, I see common customer issues as being blocked for failed logins, their website not working or having errors of some kind. kevin ninja profile

What blogs/sites do you follow to keep your skills sharp?
Quite a few, but a few top ones that come to mind are linuxjournal, commandlinefu.com, linux.com community and contributor, cPanel Forums and stackoverflow. I also frequent the major OS and security sites like RedHat and the National Vulnerability Database.

Any quick tips or advice for our customers that you feel can enhance their experience with ASO?
For support issues it would be troubleshooting, if something is not working for you did you try using another browser or ask someone else to see if they are seeing the same error or issue then including this in your Support request and any other pertinent details as this will help our Support staff to help the customer faster.

What's your favorite online waste of time?

Although I dont care to use it that frequently, it would be Facebook. We're all becoming drones to Facebook and reading about other peoples dramas.

What inspires you? Personally? There's nothing like a good challenge to get your brain stimulated and having to investigate, research, test, resolve then fix. Professionally? Teaching others and sharing knowledge, which is why I do what I do.

Favorite customer experience thus far:
The best one would have to be while on a recent vacation, the home we leased for the week had a several minor issues, nothing major or that required immediate attention but the owner showed up the next day with a few repair men and a checklist, they didn't leave until every item was addressed and to my satisfaction. Was nice to see someone care so much about a customer and their stay.
Thanks, Kevin!

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