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ASO Ninja Profile: Ron D.


Welcome to the seventh installment of A Small Orange’s Ninja Profiles.

So far, we’ve talked with MattBrentGordanAimee, Cheryl, and Jess.  

Let’s move up to the Pacific Northwest (home of rain, Eddie Vedder, and the Space Needle, among other things) to chat with Ron:

Ron Dutt

Locutus of Borg (or Support Supervisor, if you want to be official about it), I’ve even got my own Collective!


Where do you live?
Dark and Stormy™ also known as Seattle

What are the most common issues you find customers have in your day to day? Firewall lockouts and compromised accounts. A lot of folks don’t realize that an entire office building or house usually have the same “public” IP address. If any one person or device gets blocked for failed email logins or something else, the entire building is most likely blocked. Our live support is online 24/7 and can check for firewall blocks within minutes. So before panicking, hop on and have a chat 🙂 As for compromised accounts– see tips below!

What blogs/sites do you follow to keep your skills sharp?
New and exciting discoveries at ASO usually keep me on my toes. Aside from that the various support/new tech subreddits on, along with personal projects/hobbies that take turns for the worst and result in me spending the entire night fixing (and learning!) things.

Any quick tips or advice for our customers that you feel can enhance their experience with ASO?
All the good stuffs already been said…
It all really does come down to keeping things updated. Especially with scripts that are popular (WordPress, Drupal, phpBB, etc.) as any exploit discovered for them are usually immediately released into the wild (and boy is the Internet wild!).

What’s your favorite online waste of time?
I’m an avid League of Legends player, and if I’m not in game, I’m probably on reddit.

What inspires you?
Knowledge! I love learning new things, or learning new ways of something old. I have been recording my Linux command line shell history since I started working at A Small Orange, and it’s always fun reviewing stuff from a year ago to see how differently I do things now.

Favorite customer experience thus far: I was once offered a free trip to Las Vegas, beer, and a puppy for helping fix a customers Cloud server. I really want a puppy now 🙁



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