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ASO Ninja Profiles: Nick K.

4684047177_f4227a6bbc_z It's Monday, so that means another exciting Ninja Profile. This week's installment  (the 9th so far) takes us to the Capital city of Olympia, Washington, where we'll briefly shoot the breeze with Nick. Curious about who we've talked to thus far?

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Nickolas Klue

Live Support Ninja

scaylos, K'Nick

Where do you live?
Olympia, WA

What are the most common issues you find customers have in your day to day?
Customers blocked by server firewalls. This can happen for a variety of reasons, often it is something as simple as a typo in the password that one enters into their email client. The best way to avoid a block is to verify the credentials that you use to login to different areas. If you do end up getting blocked, don't worry! A Live Support or Technical Support Ninja can resolve this in no time.

What blogs/sites do you follow to keep your skills sharp?
I follow webhostingtalk and often read through questions at several StackExchange sites (primarily StackOverflow and ServerFault). Additionally, as it is my current distro of choice, I follow the Linux Mint blog.

Any quick tips or advice for our customers that you feel can enhance their experience with ASO?
Most have been covered by previous Ninja but I would like to re-iterate the importance of maintaining an external email address as your primary contact address with us and ensuring that all passwords are strong and software up-to-date. If your contact email is hosted through your server, we will not be able to contact you should the mailserver be inaccessible to you for any reason.

What's your favorite online waste of time?
I spend a lot of time researching current and future personal projects (or as of late motorcycle gear) but also enjoy some online FPSes, League of Legends, Penny Arcade, and following the OpenSource Ecology guys.

What inspires you?
Knowledge and Music. I am a fiend for learning and research (not to mention data manipulation). To me there is no such thing as useless information. Everything is worth learning! And music? Well, I've been rather enamored with music for many years. Whether it's coding up a Wordpress plugin or, helping a customer troubleshoot an email problem or running through Quake 1 coop, a soundtrack makes the world that much more excellent. IMG_20130125_160428_254

Favorite customer experience thus far:
This is a really hard one because I have had so many. I have been offered beer, coffee and other miscellaneous bits. By and large, our customers rock! That being said, as a big fan of personal empowerment, I think my favorite experience at this point has been helping a gentleman in his 60's get started with Wordpress. He went from almost no experience with the web to a complete site with a blog and customized styling in the course of about a week. All with no web developer. Just himself, documentation, and a few live chats to point him in the right direction and help with setup and troubleshooting.   

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