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ASO + SSD = Unmatched Reliability And Performance

SSD Disk
A Small Orange is pleased to announce the use of solid state storage media in our Shared, Business Shared and Cloud VPS solutions.

As a now standard option on A Small Orange Dedicated Servers, customers can choose between 500GB mechanical or 128GB SSD on Starter & Standard Dedicated Servers and 1TB mechanical or 256GB SSD on Professional and Ultimate Dedicated servers, at no additional cost.

The use of solid state technology is not new at A Small Orange; having used SSD accelerated (caching) solutions for over a year in our Shared and Cloud VPS infrastructure has provided us the experience and production results needed in choosing SSD manufacturers that meet our exacting standards in both performance and reliability.

Unmatched Reliability
The use of any new technology is one that must be carefully evaluated to ensure reliability is not sacrificed as performance counts for very little when servers are offline. However, solid state media has matured greatly over the last two years and the latest generation of solid state disks provide levels of reliability unmatched by mechanical disks.

Amazing Performance Benefits
The performance gains in using solid state disks combined with RAID technology for our operating system and user data volumes are enormous. The time it takes to serve web pages, retrieve data from mailboxes and database access times, among many other tasks, are all vastly improved resulting in an overall more responsive experience for our customers and their web site visitors.

Further, with greater consistency and increased operations per second that SSD provide, it allows customers to run custom applications and backend resource tools, such as image conversions, in a faster and more reliable fashion.

The net benefit is that customers are provided with a platform in which access to high speed, highly reliable and cutting edge storage technology is standard for all pay tiers- no exceptions.

SSD = Environmentally Friendly
As an environmentally conscious service provider, the use of solid state disks combined with our latest generation high-efficiency servers has also allowed A Small Orange to reduce by as much as 40% the power consumption of our hardware infrastructure.

In achieving a lower power consumption per-server, we are also directly lowering the heat emitted from each server which lowers the power required in cooling the facilities that house our servers.

Migrate to an SSD-based server
Any customer who wishes to migrate from an existing non-SSD based server can simply open a ticket on our help desk- our support team will be glad to migrate them to an SSD-based server.

Photo via Tom Raftery
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