A Small Orange Weekly Digest 2/11 – 2/15

Welcome back to the A Small Orange Weekly Digest!

Today we’ve got links related to:  Client management and bookkeeping for freelancers, security for developers, and more.

We unveiled a new piece of gaming technology at our Durham HQ, and we’d love to share it with you. Watch this.

aff-reportsWant to earn extra money for recommending us to your friends and colleagues? Take a look at our affiliate program. Not sure what affiliate marketing is all about?

We found a great little infographic  called “Affiliate Marketing 101″ that’ll help you get started.

If you’re interested in working for a fast-growing, profitable, company with a commitment to the best customer service in the web hosting business, check out our Jobs page.
We’re always looking for a few good Ninjas.

Links We Shared This Week

10 Tips To Secure Development
[.Net Magazine]

Take Control And Save Time When Designing For Clients 
[Web Design Tuts]

Code Editors For Developers And Designers
[Underworld Magazines]

Bookkeeping Tips For Non-Bookkeepers

Crucial Things You Must Do When Updating Your WordPress Themes
[WP Tuts]

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