A Small Orange Weekly Digest: 2/18 - 2/22
A Small Orange Community Newsletter February 2013

Affiliates: Enter our " Crush The Cloud " Contest!


ASO Affiliates! Our Cloud VPS packages have been quite a hit with customers as of late. The speed, reliability, and personal scability (not to mention affordability) they provide have made them a fast favorite. That's why we're running a contest to see how many Cloud VPS packages our Affiliates can refer by March 25, 2013! What's in it for you? If you get in the top 5, you can win a cash prize, as well as a nifty A Small Orange Swag Kit (Seriously, this is quality stuff. Kit valued at $50):

• $300 for the #1 Affiliate who refers the most Cloud VPS plans • $200 for #2 Affiliate who refers the 2nd most Cloud VPS plans • $100 for #3 Affiliate who refers the 3rd most Cloud VPS plans • $75 for #4 Affiliate who refers the 4th most Cloud VPS plans • $50 for #5 Affiliate who refers the 5th most Cloud VPS plans

What's that? You're a new affiliate? Don't think you have a chance at the top 5?

No worries. We're not excluding the newbies. We will be monitoring and giving out random bonuses for most improved (Going from 0 sales to 5, for example) so you still have a chance to win something!

"Help! I need some content/inspiration to help promote A Small Orange!"

We've got you covered. Try these ideas out and let us know how we can help:

1.  We created NEW Cloud VPS banners to put on your site. Log in here.

2. Have a Twitter or Facebook Account? We have some sample Tweets/posts you can use. Log in here. (don't forget to use your tracking link!)

3. Need your own custom coupon codes to sweeten/differentiate your offer? No problem, contact us at affiliates@asmallorange.com to get those created.

What else do I need to know about the contest?

The contest starts today, February 25th,  and ends at 11:59pm EST on March 25, 2013. All referrals will be promptly tallied and winners will be notified before March 31st. Cash prizes will be added to your account once the contest ends, and will be paid out in July 2013, when all referrals have completed their pending period and all other program guidelines are met. Didn't get the answers you needed? Contact Taylor at affiliates@asmallorange.com with any questions you might have. Good luck! Need hosting with great support? Check out A Small Orange’s SharedResellerBusiness, or Dedicated hosting plans! 

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