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A Small Orange Weekly Digest: 3/11 – 3/15

Welcome back to the A Small Orange Weekly Digest!

Today we’ve got links related to web development, WordPress themes, Drupal, and more.


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Links We Shared This Week

Web Development Tutorials For Useful Code Snippets

Providing Responsive Images On Drupal
[.Net Magazine]

The WordPress Theme Customizer: A  Developer’s Guide
[Smashing Magazine]

12 Helpful Tools For Responsive Design
[Web Design Ledger]

Cross-Site Scripting In WordPress: Practical Tips For Securing WordPress

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  • Carl S

    FWIW, the link for the $300 bonus doesn’t work for me when I click on “Learn all about it here, and get started today. “

    • It’s worth plenty. Thanks for letting us know, Carl- much appreciated 🙂

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