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Customer Spotlight: Magnifeco

Welcome back to the Customer Spotlight! Since we’re pretty passionate about the environment here at ASO, we thought we’d feature a customer that was equally concerned about green issues. Enter Magnifeco, a fashion site that’s all about pairing green consumers with designers who are equally eco-conscious.

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Tell us about yourself!
My name is Kate Black, I’m Canadian. As a vegetarian, I was always conscious about what I put in my body, but not about what I put on my body. Eco-fashion entered my consciousness around 2007-2008 when mainstream magazines (like Marie Clare and Vanity Fair) were publishing their green issues. Ethical fashion really resonated with me, but it was hard to find.

I was living in Tokyo at the time and just started trend-hunting and writing about great eco and sustainable designers from around the world that were available online. People liked it and the site started to grow – we are now read in 120 countries!

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What is your website?

Why do people care about your website? 
Where ethics meets aesthetics, is the digital source for eco-fashion and sustainable living. Dedicated to bringing together ethical designers and conscious consumers from all corners of the globe, publishes stories about small artisans and corporate retailers who are focused on producing garments or products in ways that won’t harm the earth, yet still offer stunning visual appeal and longevity.

Every aspect of our business is focused on visual appeal, longevity and ethics. It defines what Magnifeco stands for, ensuring consistency with our readers, advertisers and stakeholders.

Thanks for sharing (and for hosting with us), Kate. Best of luck!

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