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New Frontiers For A Small Orange

The last 12 months have been pretty amazing here at ASO.

We’ve upgraded our technology, added new products, expanded our Durham office space, and hired (and are still hiring!) a slew of new Ninjas to assist you around the clock.

But the cut-throat world of hosting has taught us one important thing- always be a few steps ahead of your competitors.

After several months of painstaking market research involving our customers, staff, and a team of seasoned investors, we’re ready to take the ASO brand to new heights.

Starting June 1, 2013, A Small Orange will be aggressively expanding our services beyond hosting – and into 2 specific areas that we know will yield many benefits in the long term, and most importantly, keep our customers happy, healthy, and looking fabulous.

1) Produce

7259501364_5d274de284Our CEO is from Florida- so the bland North Carolina winters get him feeling pretty homesick.

However, in a bold maneuver to diversify our brand and make a splash outside of the hosting world, he recently purchased 5 acres of orange groves in his home state.

And no, we’re not building servers on it.

We’ll be shipping 100% all-natural orange juice with the same Ninja-like agility that we’re known for.

This is a very recent development, so stay tuned.

2) Fashion

5465575345_56a5589802 (1)We take fashion very seriously at A Small Orange, and we know how much looking your best matters in your day to day.

The popularity of our branded hoodies, t-shirts, and Moleskines over the last year have led us to acquire a locally-owned apparel company that creates sustainable clothing that looks better each time you wear it.

It won’t be too long before you start seeing ASO pants, dress shirts, hats, boxers, gloves, scarves, undergarments and much much more for men, women, and of course, pets.

Web hosting, great tasting all natural juices, and hot fashion– that’s the future of A Small Orange.

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Blazer photo by kestrana
Orange grove pic by paulhami


  • Daniel

    Oh April! How you ravage the internet.

  • Lauryn

    Sounds like it would be awesome………but I feel this is an April Fools.