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Migrating from Tumblr to Wordpress

MigratingFromTumblr If you run a Tumblr site, you may be alarmed by the news that the small company was recently acquired by the web behemoth Yahoo. While Yahoo promises "not to screw it up,” the purchase reminded all of us that a “free” service is never truly free. If you want to keep the content you’ve created over the years for yourself, it’s easy to move it over to a WordPress site hosted with A Small Orange. Here is our quick guide for those considering the transition.

1. Backup Your Tumblr Site While Tumblr is easy to use, there’s not a good in-house backup service. If you want to back up your Tumblr site, you can use a free web-based service to create a backup of your site. Sites like Tumblr Backup and Backup Jammy offer bare bones archiving services that will produce a ZIP file containing the entirety of your Tumblr site. our_mission

2. Set up a WordPress Site With A Small Orange
When you buy a hosting plan with us, you are purchasing your freedom. You have complete control over your site, and if your demands for server space or bandwidth increase, you can always upgrade your site. With Softaculous, it’s easy to install and setup a WordPress site, so you’ll be ready to start transferring your site in minutes.

3. Import Your Tumblr Site Now that you’ve set up your WordPress site, you’re ready to import your Tumblr content. If you prefer to work hands-on with all your old site content, you can un-zip your archived file and upload media files and HTML pages into your new site. But if backing up and re-uploading your Tumblr seems too arduous, you can use a WordPress plug-in to import your old site directly. The plug-in “Tumblr Importer” is tailor-made for this function.

While this plug-in works remarkably well, it does take time, so set aside an evening where you have the time to keep an eye on the transition. While the transition from Tumblr to WordPress may seem like a major step to take, having complete control over your site is worth it. By hosting with A Small Orange, you’ll benefit from reliable and trustworthy service that you, and only you, control. Need web hosting with exceptional customer service?   Check out all our hosting plans here. Photo by USFWS Headquarters


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