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What is Shared Hosting?


You have decided to start a website, but when it comes time to choose what hosting plan you need, you find yourself stuck. Do you need a dedicated server? How much bandwidth do you need? What are you going to be putting on your website?

These questions can get overwhelming pretty quickly. But don’t worry. We can help you decide just what you need to make your decision a bit easier. For starters, let’s focus on shared hosting, the cheapest and easiest way to get your web site up and running. Here’s a brief introduction to shared hosting, and why you should consider starting with this plan.

What do web hosting companies do?

We’re a web hosting company, which means that we provide the computers, or servers, that store your files. We keep the servers happy by supplying them with ample power and bandwidth, and keep our customers happy by providing you with exceptional service and technical support.

If you’re a big web site, you need your own computer, your own hard drive, and your own power and internet connection. And, if you’re a giant web site, you need a slew of them, dozens, even thousands of servers, all chock full with your own content.

What is shared hosting?

Big companies need their own servers for their web site. But, the web site you want to start is a little less needy. You don’t even have enough material to fill a single server, let alone a dozen servers. If you had your own server, you’d pay for electricity, computing power, and Internet access you don’t need.

So, you share. Hundreds of other small web sites like yours have similar needs, and you all benefit from sharing a server with each other. You share hard drive space and bandwidth, so no one can hog all the resources. And, with the economies of scale, you pay just a fraction of what it would cost to set up your own server.

What are the benefits?

With shared hosting, you get many of the benefits of having your server, without the expense. Using our Softaculous auto-installer, you can set up any number of software platforms and applications, from WordPress to MediaWiki, that will allow you to quickly set up your site as you like it. We back up your data daily, offer you unlimited email accounts, and give you the tools and software support you need to customize your site.

Even better, you can upgrade your site over time. So, if you start out with a very basic web site, and then decide you want to start a podcast, or add video, you can change your plan. Or, if you find that your site is very popular, you can increase your bandwidth so you won’t have to worry about your site crashing at the worst possible time. We offer a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, so you won’t need to worry about reliability.

Why would you switch to dedicated hosting?

If you do find yourself needing more bandwidth, or server space, than our plans allow (we stop at 25 GB of storage, or 50 feature films, and 500GB bandwidth per month, or downloading them 10 times each), you probably want to upgrade to your own server. But, by the time you’re ready for that, you’re probably already familiar with what you need from web hosting, and we can help you take it to the next level.

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  • Trace Jones

    Yeah explaining shared hosting to consumers is like rocket science sometimes. Some people I work with have no concept of how it works and how we do what we do. But you’re right, for small websites there’s no sense in hogging so much. Share resources among smaller websites.

  • Web Hosting

    Sometimes even beginners think that they need a Dedicated server or VPS for their new start website. We then suggest them to use the shared hosting until they get some traffic that requires VPS.