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A Small Orange Community Newsletter: August 2013

Welcome back to the A Small Orange Community Newsletter!

What's New

orange_jubilee_1.png Last year, we dedicated all of September to contests, giveaways, and sales. We called this month-long celebration the Orange Jubilee. Well, it's September again, and we're offering sales for new and existing customers, weekly trivia contests, and a Twitter photo contest we're running throughout the month. Here's three things to watch out for throughout the month:   our_mission

1. September Sales! 
Current customers: Ready to upgrade to a bigger hosting solution? We'll take 50% off your first invoice on any hosting plan upgrade. Just use the coupon code OJ2013 New customers: You'll get 15% off your first invoice on any new monthly hosting plan (except Hybrid & Dedicated).  Just use the coupon code ASOROCKS

2. Orange Jubilee Photo Contest Screen_Shot_2013_08_27_at_5.40.11_PM.png Send us a picture that involves something small and orange. Pose with a Clementine, a traffic cone, some Oompa Loompas, or whatever you fancy. As long as it involves something small and orange and isn't inappropriate or blasphemous, hey- it's fair game. Send your pictures to, and we'll post them on our social feeds through the month as we receive them. Want to tweet a picture to us? Use the hashtag #orangejubilee and hit us up at @asmallorange. Enter as many times as you want!

You have until September 30, 2013 to enter. manual_funnel_type_citrus_juicerThe winner will get an A Small Orange t-shirt, and this big ol' juicer. That lucky individual will be announced on October 4, 2013. We'll be mixing drinks with it in our offices, and sharing recipes with you on our Pinterest board.

3. Trivia Wednesdays 4297936934_cca26592ac_n_300x219.jpg Every Wednesday in September, we'll ask you a trivia question. The first person that submits a correct answer will win themselves an A Small Orange t-shirt and this smaller (but still awesome) juicerStarts Wednesday, September 4. Only one juicer per person!

New ASO Products

Managed SEO Services!  aff-reportsLooking for a way to improve your SEO efforts? We can assist. Our Managed SEO Services plans are ideal for individuals and small businesses that need to optimize their sites for search engines. Give your SEO goals to our team of experts, so you can rank higher, and spend more time growing your business. Take a look at the time you can save by using our Managed SEO services. Click here for an overview of the program, and sign up today! New WordPress-Optimized Cloud VPS Template nginx_php_300x107_1We're proud to announce our new WordPress Optimized Cloud VPS Template, powered by NGinx 1.4, PHP 5.5, and MySQL Community 5.5. The template allows our Cloud VPS customers to deploy an optimized environment with up-to-date WordPress installation in 5 minutes or less. Learn more about it here! Thanks for reading. See you next month! The ASO Team


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