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Cloud VPS WordPress Optimized: In 5 minutes or less

ASO uses Nginx & PHP in their WordPress-optimized Cloud VPS hosting solution A Small Orange is today announcing the availability of our new WordPress Optimized Cloud VPS template, powered by NGinx 1.4, PHP 5.5 and MySQL Community 5.5. The template allows our Cloud VPS customers to deploy an optimized environment with up to date WordPress installation in 5 minutes or less. The default WordPress installation, pre-configured with secure default options and an automatic update plugin provide customers the convenience of rapidly deploying a WordPress installation in 5 minutes or less.

The optimized environment, powered by what is commonly referred to as a LEMP stack (Linux Nginx MySQL PHP), uses the latest stable versions of all software components. Together, the pre-configured WordPress installation and optimized LEMP stack ensure a secure, reliable and high performance platform which customers can depend upon. The nuts and bolts of the LEMP stack have Nginx 1.4.2 acting as the web server component and using Nginx FastCGI support to handle PHP 5.5.1 requests through PHP-FPM server which is back ended by MySQL 5.5.31 and Opcode Caching using PHP 5.5's new Zend Opcode Cache. The configurations for all components are performance optimized to ensure the entire stack can scale in a predictable and reliable fashion. The WordPress Optimized Cloud VPS template can be found at checkout under OS Templates, or inside a customers Cloud Command portal, with the template label "CentOS 6.4 x64 WordPress (LEMP PHP5.5 MySQL5.5)". Upon deployment, or rebuild of an existing virtual machine, the customer need only login to their virtual machine over SSH and a welcome message will contain all details on how to access the new and fully up to date WordPress installation. A summary below outlines the key features of the WordPress Optimized template.

  • Fully updated software and kernel packages, updated nightly.
  • Current version of Wordpress with preconfigured 'Automatic Updater' plugin (wordpress & plugin updates enabled, theme updates disabled)
  • Stable maintained version of PHP 5.5.x , MySQL 5.5.x & NGinx 1.4.x
  • Performance tuned configuration values for PHP, MySQL, PHP-FPM and NGinx
  • Enhanced performance leveraging PHP 5.5's new ZendOpcode Caching
  • MicroCache page caching to improve page load times and reduce load on PHP-FPM & MySQL
  • Full gzip compression of all compressible content, reducing page load times and improving performance for mobile users
  • Secure default installation including ssh based sftp server, software firewall with brute force protection and web server flood guard protection
  • Preinstalled convenience packages include: memcached, git, svn, htop, mytop, iftop and more
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