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Fosscon 2013

This past Saturday, August 10, at the Friends’ Center at 1501 Cherry Street in Philadelphia was Fosscon 2013. Fosscon is an annual event, started in 2000, centered around Free/Open-Source Software and other various projects with a strong focus on community-building and cooperation, in both professional and casual settings.

In attendance was one of our System Administrators, Brent Saner, who gave a talk on Project.Phree, a heavily community-minded and purely volunteer-driven project centered around building a mesh network in Philadelphia to help redistribute Internet access- notably to areas where residents may not be able to afford an Internet service subscription.

Brent talking about the social inequalities of Internet prices and how it affects the culture dynamic of Philadelphia neighborhoods.

He was able to meet several contacts and gained many interested volunteers to help bring the project together, and will likely be giving a follow-up talk at next year’s Fosscon where other A Small Orange staff may be present as well.

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