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A Small Orange Affiliate Program: What Are DirectLink URLS?

our_mission When you sign up for the A Small Orange affiliate program, you receive a unique tracking link (comprised of your reference ID) that looks something like this: http:/ The link itself is used (along with some other factors) to determine when someone purchases- who to give source credit to. You as an affiliate can hyperlink the tracking link, or simply share it with others on your blog or website. But what if you want prettier links? Ones that don't have the reference ID in them but still give you credit for the referral? Luckily, the software that runs the A Small Orange affiliate program has this capability.

Read on to learn more about DirectLink URLS:

What are DirectLink URL's, and how do they work? A Directlink URL allows you as an affiliate to use, "" on your main index site, subdomains, or pages- and still get the credit/commission for anyone clicking on that link and purchasing plans on the ASO website. Magic? Not exactly, but you might think so.

How DirectLink URL's work: All DirectLink URL's pass the affiliate reference information (who referred the sale) through HTTP referer. Think of HTTP referer requests like recording checkpoints on a map during a journey; each checkpoint recorded allows you to know what checkpoint you came from, and what checkpoint before that, and so on. In other words, HTTP referer:

". . . .means that when a user clicks a hyperlink in a web browser, the browser sends a request to the server holding the destination webpage. The request includes the referer field, which indicates the last page the user was on (the one where they clicked the link)."-HTTP Referer, Wikipedia

By knowing the last destination a customer came from before purchasing, we can determine who gets credit for the sale. How do I get my DirectLink URL? To get access to Directlink URLs, you must apply for them by signing up via your affiliate dashboard. We ensure Directlink URL's are placed on legitimate pages and if they are, we approve them. To get started, login and go to Promotions>Banners & Links and click on the "DirectLink URL" icon or watch this video on how to CORRECTLY apply for a DirectLink URL. money_back_guaranteeNot an affiliate? Click here to see what the ASO affiliate program is all about. Earn great commissions for recommending our services!


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