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Orange Jubilee Trivia Wednesdays #1

Orange Jubilee

Welcome to the first of four Orange Jubilee Trivia Wednesdays.
The first person to correctly answer the question below will win the following:

This juicer:


(Product details here)

An ASO t-shirt:

A Small Orange Logo

Here’s how to play:

1. Send your answer (only one per person, please) and t-shirt size to:
jim [at] asmallorange [dot] [com].
Email submissions only, please.

2. Winners will be announced tomorrow, September 5, 2013. 

3. We’re giving away one of these each week this month, so only one juicer per person!

4. Stuck on the answer? Relax! The answers can be found in ASO blog posts from the 2nd half of August. Say, that search box in the right sidebar of the blog is a good place to start. 


What is the name of the cPanel application we recently discontinued on all shared servers at ASO?

Good luck, and thanks for playing! 

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Orange Jubilee

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