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Node.js & Ghost Support Now Available At ASO!


We’re quite happy to announce that we’ve rolled out support for node.js and the Ghost blogging platform on all shared and business shared servers. It’s available upon request for installation on Cloud VPS and Dedicated servers as well.

Getting Started with NodeJS on A Small Orange

How To: Install Ghost with MySQL

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  • Evan

    Your link for “Learn more about node.js here.” appears to resolve to a Ghost page, not further information about node. Do you have any further documentation on running node on ASO besides the site?

  • Daniel

    Are there plans for an automated installer for the rest of us?

    • We just launched a “Ghost Installer” which is now available from within your cPanel shared / reseller / business shared cPanel interfaces. You can find it as “Ghost Installer” or click into the Softaculous interface and check under Blogs.

      *Note: that ghost only supports being installed in a top level document root currently. That would be the main domain’s public_html or the document root of a subdomain or addon domain. If you choose to install ghost on a subdomain or addon domain, you should create it before running the ghost installer from cPanel.

      • Hello Ryan,

        That is really a very good piece of news! Should we, as resellers, do anything special to activate the Ghost Installer option, or should it simply appear by default in our Softaculous interface?

        Best regards

        • Hello,
          The Ghost installer is available in all customer cPanel logins, for resold customers as well. It appears both as an icon “Ghost Installer” under cPanel main interface and under “Blogs” in the Softaculous installer as “Ghost”.

  • Tom

    Ah, fantastic! Good to see you’re keeping up with the game.

  • When will ASO have support for ghost 0.4

    • We are currently working on this however certain changes to Ghost as of 0.4 affect the ease of upgrading and conflict with passenger. Currently, we have a fix for this to allow upgrades and are in the process of testing the upgrade path for 0.4 / new installs of 0.4. We expect to have this completed within the next couple of days and then will post details on upgrading existing Ghost installs / support for new installs of 0.4. Thank you for your patience.