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Orange Jubilee 2013 Wrap-Up

Although our 2nd annual Orange Jubilee is technically over when October begins, we’ve decided to extend the sale for a little longer. We also need to announce the winner of the Orange Jubilee Photo Contest!

We asked for pics of all things small and orange, and you delivered. However, there can only be one winner (because we only got one juicer), and that person is none other than┬áTom Vaughan, who gave a great photo of- as he so eloquently described- “many small orange thingies”.

Worlds Aflame

manual_funnel_type_citrus_juicerCongratulations, Tom! You’re the winner.
Raise your arms in triumph. The juicer is on its way.

However, we decided to feature a few other pics that people sent along. Thanks to everyone for participating, and for hosting with us!

DSC00387aso_contestIMG_1635A wooden crate of oranges -1

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  • Lol at the cat. Not sure he qualifies as small! ­čÖé