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Ghost One-Click Install

ghost_logo_big-300x200We are pleased to announce the availability of our Ghost One-Click install plugin for shared, reseller and business shared customers.

The plugin automates the process of installing the Ghost blogging software for our customers with a simple and easy to use installation wizard, conveniently located in the cPanel interface.

Existing customers can find the ‘Ghost Installer’ plugin in their cPanel interface, effective immediately, under the ‘Software’ section. Alternatively, the installer plugin is also located within the Softaculous interface under the ‘Blog’ section, listed as ‘Ghost’.

Read more about Ghost (and node.js support) here.


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  • John

    Hey, how did you do this? I have my own cPanel VPS And would be cool to add.

  • So… How do I restart ghost platform if I want to test new template for example. I’m not sure what you are using to start ghost in first place so I don’t know what command to use in my SSH

    • Garret Noling

      To restart Ghost (or any NodeJS app) on our services you need to touch a file named “restart.txt” under the application’s tmp directory. So, if ghost is installed at:


      You could restart ghost like so:

      mkdir -p /home/myuser/
      touch /home/myuser/

      Note that there can be a slight delay before the restart, but should happen relatively quickly. If you don’t want to login via SSH, simply create an empty file with the above name and upload it via FTP, or you could use cPanel’s file manager.

  • Jay Thrash

    The installer isn’t working for me. After entering the required fields and starting the installation process, I see a progress indicator appear in the browser which reaches 4% but then it just stops and fades away. No errors or warnings are shown to indicate why the installation has failed.

  • Do we know when Ghost 0.4.0 will be supported, I was told be tech support that it’s not supported right now.

    • We are currently working on this however certain changes to Ghost as of 0.4 affect the ease of upgrading and conflict with passenger. Currently, we have a fix for this to allow upgrades and are in the process of testing the upgrade path for 0.4 / new installs of 0.4. We expect to have this completed within the next couple of days and then will post details on upgrading existing Ghost installs / support for new installs of 0.4. Thank you for your patience.

  • I ran the installer a couple of nights ago and it almost just about but not quite worked. The default blog was there but the symptom was that I couldn’t get to the admin area (or anywhere else, for that matter).

    Tech support found that the .htaccess file in the Ghost directory inside public_html was the problem. The fix was adding the line, RewriteEngine Off. That fixed it completely. It is now a perfect “one-click plus phone call” install!!!! And on a lowly shared host.

    If you check out ASO’s competitors, you’ll find that they are way ahead when it comes to one-click support on shared hosts.

    • Dave,
      We will certainly look into this in more detail as this should not be happening where you require additional followup with support to get the installation working. Traditionally, we have not seen this among many other users that currently use the One-Click Ghost installer. Thank you for the valuable feedback and for choosing A Small Orange as your home.