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Shared & Business Cloud Server Name Changes

icon_planicon-dedicatedWe have today started the process of renaming all Shared Hosting & Business Cloud Hosting servers from ‘’ over to ‘’. Fear not though as the old naming pointers on will remain in place so that user bookmarks to WHM, cPanel and Webmail continue to function as expected.

If you currently have mail clients configured to access e-mail services with the server host name using SSL/TLS, you may receive a certificate mismatch error when accessing e-mail. To correct this, please update the mail server properties for your e-mail account and change the server name from ‘’ to ‘’, for example ‘’ changes to ‘’.

These changes are intended to allow us to provide a more reliable hosting platform where we can enable additional server features tied to a servers host name, such as automatic subdomain creation for new accounts, CloudFlare DDoS filtering for attacks directed at server host names, free SSL services over server names and much more.

We thank you for your understanding as we complete these changes over the next 24hours and apologize for any inconvenience that may result.

Thank you for choosing A Small Orange.

  • It’s so helpful to get this info – some of our hotmail users lost their POP3 service to the SSL certificate issue.

    I personally wouldn’t mind receiving updates of this nature as an email from ASO.