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It’s a well proven fact that all relationships are built on trust, and there’s no place where it is more critical than conducting transactions on the internet. With the advent of internet based scams and security breaches, it now more important than ever to build trust with potential customers. A fast, professional-looking site will only get you so far. The biggest trust cue is displaying an SSL certificate which shows your users that their credit card information and personal data remain secure when transaction with you. So, let’s dig in and learn a little more about SSL certificates.

SSL Certificates

If you’ve shopped online and noticed that little padlock icon in the address bar, you’ve seen SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in action. SSL operates in the space between a visitor’s browser and your website or application. It is an industry-standard security mechanism that ensures the encryption of data being passed between the user and application in order to ensure that no unauthorized person can spy on the information or hack it. Additionally, SSL also prevent hackers from ‘hijacking’ your web session and using their own encryption system to gain access to your personal data. Although all modern browsers support SSL technology, your website or application will need to acquire a specific SSL certificate in order to utilize it.

How to Apply for an SSL Certificate

In order to obtain a SSL certificate, you will need to apply for one from an authorized issuer known as a Certificate Authority (CA), or for existing A Small Orange customers we can do it for you. You will then need to be vetted.  Each CA has its own Root Certificate which it uses to generate individual SSL certificates. The CA will conduct checks on your domain, website and company identity in order to issue a certificate which is then installed on the web server/s which handle your data files.

Benefits of Using SSL Certificates

SSL certificates do a lot for you in addition to making your site look secure and professional, but they have to be earned. That said, SSL certificates can help convince users to transact with your website because that know that their credit card information and personal data will be protected during orders or communication.

A Quick Tip

Although, SSL is designed to protect the integrity of your data while it’s in transit, it does not protect parties against the transmission of malicious files, viruses or requests for sensitive data from suspicious sources. It merely protects the data while it’s being transmitted. So, although SSL is great for data integrity, both users and vendors should still take the required steps to secure their workstations and servers which store sensitive information.


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