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Web Hosting 101

Web hosting. What is it? A lot of people ask this question when they are first creating a website or new to publishing online. Web hosting doesn’t have to be complex – here is some advice for folks just getting started online.

Use this Metaphor: Web Hosting Is Like A Storefront

Say you’re looking to start a new business down on Main Street. Whether you want to sell bikes, baked goods, or nuggets of information. To be able to do this, you will need to rent space from a landlord where you want to set up shop. Web Hosting provides you with that virtual space. Everything you put in it, be it products or information, are yours, and owned by you. We’ll keep the store up and running for you with utilities (like email, access to your account, and some signage), and even a cleaning crew, but you’re responsible  for what’s inside the space that we are renting to you.

Domains Are Your Signage

How do people find your store and know what it’s about? You’re going to need a sign out front and a name for your business that you can put on advertisements. The domain name is that signage for your store. It tells them what / who you are and where to find you online. So think asmallorange.com. This is our sign, our domain name. Need a new sign for your store? Let us help you with that here!

Still confused on what hosting is? Our friends at Websitesetup.org created this great infographic to help break it down.

Web Hosting 101 - What You Need To Know

What do you think? Has this helped clear up the confusion about what is web hosting? If not, please feel free to ask your questions in the comments or start a chat with us 24/7!

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