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In this fast-paced world, everyone needs tips on how to be more productive. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to be more efficient, then consider these 10 tips on how to be more productive.  

  • Briefly check in on Sunday. Monday is typically the most overwhelming day of the week. While you should definitely rest on Sundays, checking in on your day of rest may give you the jump-start that you need for the week. Just taking a few minutes to see what work lies ahead and laying out a game plan will help you be more prepared for the week
  • Increase accountability to yourself. It’s easy to break promises to yourself, but harder to break promises with other people. If you make plans and commitments with colleagues, you will find that it is easier to keep commitments. Ask them to keep you accountable.
  • Follow the two-minute rule. Many of us have small tasks that we allow to snowball into an overwhelming pile. However, if a task takes you less than two minutes to complete, then try to finish it immediately. Getting ahead on these small tasks quickly and not putting them off can help you be more productive.
  • De-clutter your space. One easily overlooked cause of stress is clutter. Having a messy workspace can make you feel anxious and overwhelmed. Sort papers, throw away trash and send off any mail. You will instantly feel better.
  • Replace to-do lists with schedules. If you feel like you have a few “to-do” items that simply won’t appear from your list, then try making a set schedule. Scheduling requires you to be realistic about what you can accomplish. It requires attention from you to sit down and designate time for completing specific tasks. Scheduling is more specific and a game plan. While you’re at it, schedule yourself some free time, too.
  • Turn off smartphone notifications when working. It’s hard to stay focused when your phone is constantly sending you notifications. If you are struggling with productivity, then turn off your phone notifications. You will immediately see your productivity skyrocket.
  • Stand while working. While there are some tasks that must be done at your desk, there are some things you can do while standing. Standing while you are working can help you revive some energy and help you feel more productive.
  • Choose Positive Influences in your life working with productive people to help keep you accountable for staying on task. Seeing other people be productive with their time, can influence you to get your stuff done.
  • Be an intentional e-mailer. Before you open an email, make sure you have enough time to respond. If you read an email and decide to respond later, you will have to reread the email which is an inefficient way to spend your time.
  • Evaluate Yourself. We need to constantly observe ourselves and our productivity. Always ask yourself if there is a way to improve your processes and behaviors.

Time is precious and if you want to be productive, then try these ten tips. Hopefully you will have your most productive year yet! Have a tip of your own? Tell us in the comments below!


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