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5 Steps For Social Media Marketing Success

Social media is not only a way to stay connected to old friends and family anywhere, but has become a major marketing avenue for businesses to reach customers. According to Marketing TechBlog, 46% of those who research a major purchase, utilize social media to help make a decision as to what they should buy. Hence, any business that is not on social media is losing out. If you are considering diving into the social media world, these tips can help to ensure that you are successful.

Integrate Social Media into Other Channels

One of the main ways in which a business is found via social media is through other channels. Therefore, every business should strive to integrate their social media channels into other aspects of their business. For example:

  • Add your social media links onto business correspondence such as business cards, letters, etc.
  • Add buttons that link to these social media profiles on your website for easy access
  • Use static banners on your website with the follow/like buttons enabled

Develop a Content Strategy

To know what you should be posting, ask yourself why people are following your business. Most businesses find that customers follow their social media feeds for the following reasons:

  1. To keep informed on latest sales and discounts
  2. To offer feedback
  3. For customer service
  4. To read engaging content
  5. To see the latest product information

With this being said, all businesses should strive to find a balance with all the content that customers are expecting. No business should devote their social media to promotions 100% of the time. Instead, follow the 80/20 rule. This means that 80% of the time your content is engaging and interesting, maybe even fun. While, 20% of the time, the content is driving sales and customers to the business.

Integrate Rich Media

Social media is much more than simple words and phrases, and any successful social media campaign is going to include media like videos, infographics, pictures and the like. You will want to integrate this in various ways to ensure that social media posts are always fresh and entertaining.

Engage and Manage Customer Relationships

Social media is all about being “social”, thus you cannot sit back and simply post information without any sort of interaction. You should strive to connect with those who comment on your posts, offer some sort of guidance or stories that customers will be interested in, and basically ensure that you are not ignoring those who take the time to respond to a post. Social media can easily become the best way to start building customer relationships with the target audience of your business. Whether these comments are positive or negative, they can help to make your business one that customers wants to do business with.

Track Success

In order to know whether your social media campaign works, be sure to track your success. You will want to look at any trends with posts and what types of posts seem to get the most customer interaction. This can help to explain what you should be delivering on content and any changes that you need to make with your social media campaign.


Social media will take time and effort on your behalf. But, it is effort that will be awarded as social media marketing is one of the biggest marketing campaigns that pays off for most businesses. Are you using mobile yet?


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