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5 Steps to Build a Website

When you start up a business, one of the first things you need to be successful is a website. While this can seem like a difficult task, the process has been streamlined thus making it much easier for even the least tech-savvy business owner. Here is the basic process you will need to follow, split into 5 easy steps.


Planning the website means identifying the primary goals which you would like the website to meet, along with how to best do so. This is going to dictate the site design and content. In most cases, your site is going to be for entertainment, news, selling a product, or for reference. You will need to identify the main goal of your website, and then decide:

  • How many pages you will need (about us, homepage, contact us, blog, products, services, etc.)
  • The target audience
  • The navigation plan
  • What content will best serve the purpose

Website plans should be made with SEO in mind, as well as a holistic mindset -all pages, content, images and designs need to help to reach the ultimate goal.


When it comes time to build your site you have two options; you can build it from scratch or use a content management system (CMS). The majority of business owners choose a CMS because it’s faster, cheaper, does not require coding skills and results in a professional, responsive website. Either way, you will build page by page according to your plan. You may want to hire a professional copywriter to write your content, a SEO specialist to optimize your site or a professional designer to get the site just right. However, CMS platforms can help with SEO and design as they provide countless tools, themes and layouts which are professional and optimized for search engines. Some of the most popular CMS platforms are Drupal, Joomla or Wordpress.

Choose a Hosting Solution

In order for your website to be seen by others, it needs to be hosted on servers that are connected to the internet. You will upload your website onto a server, which will then make it live online. There are many companies that offer this service through varying service plans. The type of hosting you choose will depend on the amount of security you need, the traffic you expect and the amount of data involved with your site. Please click through here to see our hosting options.

Choose a Domain Name

The domain name is the address of your website, for example It is the information your customers need to remember in order to get to your site. Most hosting providers (like A Small Orange) also provide a service for selecting your domain name. You will ideally need to find a domain that is easy to remember, that is available, and that represents your business well.


Once you have the plan executed in the build, the final step is to publish your site with your hosting company you chose. Most hosts are going to have clear instructions on how to do this (A Small Orange customers can contact us via live chat 24/7). The end results will have your website live, online and ready for people to find!


Creating a website has become easier than ever, with hosting companies optimized for helping you get your site up and running, and content management platforms becoming more user friendly. Get started by following these 5 basic steps, and then it is time to start strategizing how to drive traffic to your site. Call our team to help get started 1-877-283-2612  


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