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We are constantly on the search for things to make our lives easier. The majority of the time, convenience is achieved by developing tools and technologies that help us to be efficient. Online marketing tools today are no different. They allow marketers and businesses to achieve tasks faster and with less effort. Let’s look at ways that online marketing can help increase our productivity and money.

Email Marketing

Email can be one of the most effective marketing tools that can be automated by scheduling emails at a certain time and date. One of the simplest forms of this includes email blasts, like a newsletter, on a specific date. Emails are typically sent to users when they sign up for an email list, and subsequent emails are sent certain days after the user subscribes. Scheduling emails can save a lot of manual work and time by programming email software to deliver messages to a target audience. With this method, the computer does the work for following up with a potential client. Advanced software gives marketers the ability to filter their email based on who viewed the email.

Online Ads

Monetizing a website with online ads can be one of the most confusing and complicated aspects of managing a website. Luckily, there are online tools that are designed to simplify the process of ad monetization and allow marketers to create multiple ad campaigns. If you manage a variety of ad campaigns, using these tools will save you the hassle and time of having to manually create every aspect of each campaign. The software also provides valuable analytical data and valuable reporting, that allows you to adjust the campaigns for optimum performance. Also, have yo joined our Affiliate Program yet?


A CRM is a central database of all customers, contacts, partners and leads. It allows you to keep track of all relationships that your business has with everyone around you. Some CRM software also gives you the opportunity to have certain automation tools. These tools are usually “automated workflows/templates” which are automated based on your triggers. Triggers are actions such as a new users signing up through your website, which then triggers the CRM to send the user an email with a follow-up task. Like any other automation tool, CRMs are great time savers. Most importantly, they assist the sales and marketing tools to automatically create activities that will keep track of where a client is in the sales funnel.

Social Media Management

Social media management tools allow you to manage several social media platforms from one place. While it is obviously a time saver to post all social media content from one single platform, keep in mind that it is not always best to post the same message on all forms of social media. Each social platform is different and posting the same message will not allow you to optimize the content on each profile.


Many companies struggle with managing all the aspects of their online presence. These automation tools can help your company be more successful, increase revenue and free up your time to focus on other areas. What tools do you use and recommend?


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