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How-to Be a Resilient Business Owner

Have you or your business taken a hit where you thought you just couldn't recover? To be successful in business in the long-run, one has to accept that failing and getting knocked down are part of the game and that what really matters is how one deals with these temporary setbacks. Some business owners shut-down completely when things go wrong, while others seem to have the superhuman ability to remain seemingly unaffected and display a resilience which is truly admirable.

What is it that makes some business owners able to bounce back from just about anything? Let’s examine some common attributes which are shared amongst these special people and which enable them to deal so admirably with adversity.

Focus on the Positive

When things don’t go according to script, many people take it personally and view a cause as lost. Resilient people don’t look at failure the same way. Failure is not viewed as a final result, but rather as a necessary step in the learning curve. Resilient people develop a mental attitude which views setbacks as opportunities to learn valuable lessons and mentally prepare themselves to deal with setbacks when they occur.

Look at the Big Picture

Resilient business owners also have the ability to remain focused on the big picture, rather than get lost zooming in on details. They are aware that achieving success will take a great deal of time, effort and determination. When setbacks occur, or progress is slow, resilient individuals retain a clear mental picture of where they want to be and take whatever actions are required to move them towards that goal.

Develop Confidence in Yourself

Self-confidence is also a common attribute amongst resilient individuals. Individuals with self-confidence, believe in their abilities. They know that with a clear list of priorities,they are more likely reach their full potential while avoiding distractions, negative external influences and setbacks.

Find Your Purpose

Whether it is a cause, a purpose, or a higher power, resilient people always seem to have gas in the tank. These individuals follow their own vision and remain intrinsically motivated. Having a purpose allows them to see beyond the everyday routine in order to remain inspired by a bigger picture.

Accept Ambiguity

For many people, not knowing how to do something and not being able to do something, are the same thing. Resilient people don’t let not knowing how to do something stand in the way of getting it done, they find a way. Resilient individuals accept ambiguity, overcome obstacles and remain confident in their ability to figure things out along the way.

Choose Mentors Carefully

Highly successful people don’t follow blindly, they’re very selective about who they look to as role models for guidance and direction.  The key is to select inspirational and successful people to model your behavior on, as so doing will increase your chance of success when pursuing your goals.

Take Time for Yourself

Just because people are resilient, doesn’t mean they’re superhuman. Resilient people also experience stress; the difference is that they’ve developed healthy coping mechanisms. Whether it is exercise, meditation, or an engaging hobby, resilient people relax in order to recharge before continuing their pursuits. Personal growth and self-development is a way of life, not a passing fad.


While it may seem that some people have superhuman powers when it comes to dealing with setbacks, they really don’t. The truth is that these individuals have developed a set of skills, techniques and tactics which allow them to deal with adversity, see things in perspective and remain focused on forging ahead towards success. If you want to do business in the modern economy, it’s worth spending time on cultivating some of these skills which will definitely serve you well in the long-run. Would you add anything else to these tips? Let us know below in the comments!


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