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How to Maintain Relevant Content on Your Website

A website is the backbone of any business. It also serves as an important bridge between business and consumer relationships. This is why it is vital for the content on any website to be relevant to today’s time, and also provide value or entertainment to those who read it. There are several methods that a business can utilize to ensure content is relevant, and that their reputation is going to be supported by their website. Here are some strategies that are recommended to help:

Interview an Industry Expert for Your Blog

No matter what type of business you have, when you bring in an expert, automatically people are going to want to read what you write. During an interview for a blog, it is common to ask 5 to 10 question. After the interview you can simply write this up for the blog with an introduction, the question and answer session, and follow with a conclusion. It is a great way to share tips or advice, while also ensuring that no matter how long in the future, this blog will still have relevance.

Create a Downloadable Whitepaper

It is easy to show your expertise in an area, and provide content that is going to be relevant for years to come with a whitepaper that can be downloaded by readers. The good news is that this is easy to make, as most word document programs will have an option to save in PDF form. You can make this whitepaper on any subject matter that is relevant to your field, spend some time making this more visually appealing, and publish it. You will find that it can work as a great thank you gift when people sign up on your website for more tips or start becoming daily website visitors.

Create a Video

If you would rather speak about a subject, making a video is a highly effective option. This can easily be done with a web cam, a video camera or even the camera on your mobile device. Just remember that you do not want this to be too long, as this will discourage people from watching. The rule is to keep videos 3 minutes or shorter, according to the advice of the US Small Business Administration.

Blog about Trending Topics

There are going to be times that a person simply cannot think of a subject for their website blog. When this is the case, consider the trending topics that are buzzing around the internet. These are going to be relevant to today’s events, since people are so interested in them. You can choose to give your opinion about the topic, or even draw out a lesson to be learned from the event and share this via your website.

Where to Find Trending Topics

You can find trending topics from a variety of sources. These include:

  • Watch the world news at night
  • Look at google.com/trends for the latest searches
  • Research trending hash tags being used on Twitter
  • Buzzsumo.com to see what's being shared on social

If you go with this type of content, try to make it relevant to your website or business. If you are a personal injury lawyer, you don't want to be sharing about the latest celebrity breakup. However, if you're a divorce lawyer, you could share this information and talk about how a divorce lawyer will be able to benefit.


The content that is posted to your website represents your business. If it is stale and outdated, people are going to dismiss you, whether or not you are qualified in what you do. Content is king for a reason, and it is critical that you have relevant content on your website.


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