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There are several ingredients that go into the creation of a business website. It needs to function as an automated marketing machine, which engages your marketplace and generates leads, informs prospective customers about your product or service offering and ultimately converts prospects into paying customers. So, when it comes to actually building a website for your business, or redesigning an old one, web designers agree that there several important aspects to consider if your website is going to meet your business needs and make a positive contribution to the bottom line.

Getting Started: Design from Scratch vs. Use a Template

When it comes to the all-important question of designing your site from scratch, or going with a template, the right answer depends on the template. A good template design (or WordPress Theme) can save you a wad of cash and get you to market in less time than designing from scratch. Conversely, a good designer that can create a beautiful custom website which works for your business is expensive, but tough to beat. Templates, if well selected and tastefully tailored, offer a massive bang for the buck because they deliver a great mix of cosmetic appeal and useful functionality. If you would prefer that we build your site for you, we can certainly do that. Check out our website design page for more details.

Functionality vs. Impact

When it comes to personal websites, it’s usually most important to be unique. For business websites however, the most important thing is that your website converts browsers into buyers. Having the right mix of impact and functionality, ensures that your site is making a positive contribution to your business. By getting the balance right, your business website can generate leads, provide your prospects with information they need to make purchasing decisions and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

Image Quality vs. Quantity

Fortunately, with modern high speed internet connections and the quality of mobile devices, modern websites can feature attractive images to engage the audience. Bold imagery and high-resolution graphics are the flavor of modern web design and small business websites have not been excluded. When it comes to choosing images though, you must take into consideration if they will slow down the load time of the page. Opt for a few relevant, high quality images, rather than a slew of pictures that will bog the site down.

Monetizing the Website

The key to getting a rapid return on your investment is discovering your websites “money terms” Once you find them, you can build up your sales funnel and fine-tune your marketing strategy to focus on these terms. For those not selling products, you might want to advertise other products. Our affiliate program is a perfect fit and it's free to signup. Find out more details on our affiliate signup page.


Hopefully, by considering all of these important factors, and making some decisions upfront, you can simplify and streamline the task of building a business website. Nowhere is the old adage that “a little planning goes a long way”, more applicable than when it comes to building a business website. Unless you’ve got some serious skills, it’s always better to enlist the skills of professionals when building your business website. When you build a house, you enlist the skills of a multidisciplinary team of individuals who are all experts in their respective fields to get it done right. Business websites are no different. Your business website is an investment and should be treated as such to get the highest return on investment. Do you have any other advice for someone building a website for their business? Add them in the comments below!    


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