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Top 7 Free Online Tools for Business Owners

Being a business owner is tough, every year it’s a question of trying to increase profitability while simultaneously lowering costs. One sure-fire way to achieve those objectives is to leverage technology, specifically the use of free tools which allow the business to not only to run more effectively, but at a lower cost as well. Below you’ll find a brief rundown of 7 free tools which can save business owners thousands of dollars per year.

Wave Accounting

As a business owner, accounting software is a must have tool, and some commercial accounting packages can cost thousands every year. Wave accounting is a free app that can help you manage both your business and personal finances from anywhere you can access the internet. Although Wave Accounting offers invoicing, expense tracking and reports, you will have to upgrade to paid apps to access time sheets and more advanced features.


If your business wishes to join the growing number of brick-and-mortar small businesses using card readers with their mobile devices, check out Square. Square is a payment app which allows small businesses to accept credits cards without costing a fortune. In addition to being user-friendly, Square can be integrated with your existing PoS system and accounting software. They will even send you the card reader for free.


For the modern business owner, storing files and sharing documents has become a fact of life. Join the cloud revolution for free, with a DropBox account, and discover a simplified approach to document sharing and file storage. Collaboration is simple as all team members have access to the same set of files and the latest version of any given document.


Trello is a free app which takes a novel approach to project management. It allows projects to be organized into boards and lists which make it easy to track activity and progress across projects. This approach to project management allows for intuitive workflows which make it easy to collaborate with anyone, on just about anything. It also eliminates the need for lengthy email threads, loose documents, and all the other junk documents which often make managing projects a chore.


Just about every business owner out there has the task of managing an appointment calendar.  Appointlet is a free online appointment-scheduling app for Google Calendar. It can be included on your website in order to let customers make appointments, which can then be managed directly from within your Google Calendar. Once again, this is free.


In the digital age, it’s amazing how tricky it can be to get documents signed. HelloSign is a free app designed to facilitate the tasks of document signing, tracking and management. Its feature set includes notifications to keep you updated on the signer’s activity and secure storage of signed documents.

Sometimes trying to get everyone on your team into one room for a brainstorming session is like herding cats. is a free online brainstorming application that can help you and your team get together online for a collaboration session. This app goes beyond traditional teleconferencing by providing a central flexible canvas to visually organize your thoughts and store all your ideas, including files from your computer and favorite social media networks.


If you’re one of the many business owners trying to pull off the seemingly impossible task of lowering costs while increasing profitability and efficiency, check out the free tools outlined in this post and start dominating your profit and loss statement like a pro. If you have any other suggestions for small business owners, we would love to hear them! Let us know in the comment section below.


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