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WordPress Themes You May Not Have Heard About

WordPress has easily become the most widely used platform for websites. Due to the popularity of WordPress, there is a constant stream of new releases for themes, plugins and other options that allow for a person to develop a site that has a completely unique look. This week, there were some amazing themes released onto the market that will meet the needs of a personal website, or even a business website.


The WP Barrister theme was designed by WP Dev Shed, out of New Zealand. This theme is specifically suited for businesses and corporate websites. It is especially applicable for those companies who may want to devote a page to their staff and the bios of these staff members. The theme has a layout that is popular at the moment with bold colors and lines. In the last week, the theme has been downloaded and used over 800 times.

New Bar

This is a simple theme that can be great for those who want to update their blog with a fresher look. This theme was designed by gamerportion out of London. WordPress Stats reveal that this theme has been downloaded and used over 5000 times since it was introduced. What makes it great, is the left handed side bar, the option to use fresh typography, fully customized headers and footers, and the ability to use custom images with the theme. It allows for the user to make it truly unique and customized to their purposes.


This is a fairly simple design that is catered to those who want the option to use different topographies throughout their site. The theme was designed by codeinwp, out of Bucharest. Those who utilize this theme, will find it super easy to edit their menus, themes and to customize the entire theme to make it what they want. It is great for those who want a simple design that gives them freedom. Stats on this theme show that this has been downloaded over 8,000 times since first introduced to the market.


An impressive minimalist theme, which is adaptable to a personal or a business website, Plaino is one theme to watch out for. The theme was designed by iamrohan, out of India. It allows for a full width page, which has widget areas and a grid gallery that can be utilized. The design is one that is considered to be a new style that is dominating the market at the moment.


Utilizing the highly sought after responsive design, Blackcolors gives a person complete control of their site. A user can choose their own colors, fonts, icons, images and the like. In addition, the theme is designed to use less scripts in order to allow this to load faster, yet still be visually appealing. The theme was designed by antsanchez out of Germany, and has been downloaded and used over 3,500 times.


The beauty of WordPress is the ability to turn a website into a functional work of art. These themes are just some of the latest ways in which a person can personalize their site to be more creative or professional. What other themes would you recommend? Let us know below


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