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WordPress is an incredibly powerful tool for web development and designing web pages, as many of you probably already know. A flexible toolset, and a huge variety of customized content created by users and developers alike, extend WordPress's usage to all kinds of websites. For your business website, you may be looking for a fresh new theme that will give your site the update it needs. Luckily, we have 4 of the hottest WordPress themes summarized for you below. Check these out and find one that fits your business needs best.


Avada has been called, “the Swiss army knife of WordPress themes.” This is because its incredible flexibility. At its heart, Avada is a framework that allows the user to create almost unlimited designs and styles, eliminating the need for multiple themes. This makes it really useful for a big website that has a lot of varied content and requires a separate theme. Avada also prides itself on its powerful, responsive tools and great customer support. Avada costs $58.


The somewhat abstrusely named X is a WordPress theme that is actually like four themes in one – with more in development. What's really interesting about X is that not only are the themes distinct, well designed, and complete in their own right, they can easily be combined with one another to create a unique, layered look, ideal for many different kinds of content. Each theme – or “stack” as X's developers call them – is unique and fully formed, allowing the user a huge amount of variety. X costs $63.


Enfold calls itself, “the most user-friendly WordPress theme ever made.” While the truth of this claim might be hard to judge in an objective sense, it is true that Enfold is very easy to use. It comes with a ton of features to help someone who is not too sure about designing a website, to come up with something great and professional looking. In addition to that, Enfold is easy to set up with pre-made content, and has a selection of drag-and-drop features. Enfold costs $58.

The 7

Taking its name from iOS 7, The 7 is a WordPress theme that's all about modernity. It's fast, slick, minimalist, and takes its design cues from the clean Apple aesthetic of its namesake. Another plus of The 7 is that it has a huge amount of functionality for mobile devices, and looks just as good on a smartphone, as it does on a desktop. Add to that a respectable amount of customization potential in its skins, layout, and fonts, and you've got yourself a slim, powerful theme. The 7 costs $58. Check out these 4 Wordpress themes on the week, and enjoy the themes many businesses are raving about. Are there any new themes that we should know about? Let us know below!


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